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About us







I'm Tonia, the founder and Creative Chief of Evolved By Faith.

Thanks for stopping by! My mission is to create Faith-based t-shirts, and more as a reminder to never give up on you. 

One thing you should know about Evolved By Faith is that it is my desire to spread God's word to encourage, motivate, inspire, and to give you hope.

Everyone needs to know that no matter what you go through there is always someone, God! that is on your side and rooting for you every single day. Put God first and pray every day and watch everything start to evolve one day/one step at a time.

For each product sold, Evolved By Faith will donate $1 to support to change lives with safe water.”

“Evolved By Faith is supporting to provide
access to safe water and sanitation for people in need around
the world.”

 Everyone needs clean water to drink, bath, brush his or her teeth, wash their hands and their hair, what about to have clean clothes. Image not having clean water, what would you do?

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